Serving communities,
non-profits and government
since 1989

Previously known as Queenswood Consulting Group, Osier Consulting is a highly skilled partnership of management consultants providing services in the public and non-profit sector. Our focus is on developing and implementing creative but practical solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We take great care with the fundamental components of relationships – focusing on communication to build trust within and across organizations. Osier is led by three partners with diverse experience and credentials, reflecting our underlying belief that innovation is based in a broad range of ideas that challenge traditional assumptions. We bring a high level of energy, passion and commitment to this work – characteristics that have helped to define us in our industry.

Osiers are types of willows, used for weaving. We see weaving as a good representation of our work because we bring together a wide range of distinct perspectives and information to develop a stronger understanding of an issue. In weaving, we pay attention to the process and the product. Osiers are also trees native to Europe, Asia and North America, reflecting both our team’s roots and where we are now.

Program Development and Evaluation

Research and Analysis

Complex Policy Development

Organizational Performance and Review

Strategic Planning and Advice

Engagement and Consultation